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Law Dictionary


An English-Spanish Dictionary

of Criminal Law and Procedure



v  Second edition, completely revised and enlarged

v  Twice the content of the first edition

v  Includes helpful charts and graphs

v  Translations based on Latin-American criminal procedure reforms


†††††† The most authoritative work in the field, An English-Spanish Dictionary of Criminal Law and Procedure is designed for translators, interpreters, lawyers, judges, court personnel, legal scholars, students and advocates, and contains the most common legal terms and expressions used in American criminal law and procedure with terms and definitions based on all 20 Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.


†††††† All of the terms, expressions and definitions are based on statutes, caselaw, scholarly works and monolingual law dictionaries. In addition to some 1,100 entries and their corresponding single or multiple equivalents, which are displayed in a straightforward and naturally intuitive format, this incredibly unique bilingual law dictionary includes a variety of relevant lexical and legal elements, examples of Spanish and Latin-American laws, terminological comparisons between Common Law and Civil Law Systems, synonyms, abbreviations, translation examples in context, translation cautions and pitfalls explained, cross references and legal citations.



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